Don’t Get Complacent About Pet Groomers Insurance

Don’t Get Complacent About Pet Groomers Insurance

If you work in the pet industry, it’s important to ensure your business insurance is taken care of so you can get on with grooming your client’s pets to perfection.

What can pet groomers insurance cover?

Pet groomers insurance can cover a variety of services and products which you offer, as well as cover risks that are specific to your work, such as:
• Your grooming salon
• Your mobile grooming truck, van or trailer
• Your employees and their health and safety
• Your specialised tools and equipment
• The property you keep inside your salon, truck or trailer
• Cover injuries to third parties or damage to others property
• Cover for accidentally death of animals
• Theft of items or animals from your property
• Breakdown of machinery and equipment
• Support your income if you become ill or injured on the job
• Damage to your property or premises
• Cover if the products you provide have adverse effects or don’t work

Your insurer will want to know information about your business in order to tailor a package to suit your pet groomers business best. This will include information such as how many pets you groom, if you’re mobile or stationed at a pet grooming salon, and whether you employ staff or if you engage contractors. You’ll also be asked what kind of services you offer including general pet grooming, washing, drying, clipping and cutting, teeth cleaning, massage, hydrotherapy, and flea treatments. If you sell products, you will also be asked about these.
All of this information will assist to ensure that you have the best possible cover for your pet grooming business. You can save on insurance by making sure your insurer knows what you do and don’t do so you are not insured for unnecessary items, and you are in insured for the things which are relevant to you.

Insurance for pet groomers

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