Top Tips for Bricklayers: How to Make Your Jobs More Profitable

Top Tips for Bricklayers: How to Make Your Jobs More Profitable

When you have your own business as a bricklayer, it’s important that you maintain cash flow and get the most out of each job. Managing various jobs can be hard work and it’s easy for hold ups to get in the way. Let’s get back to basics with some simple ways to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. The last thing you need is to be caught up on one job too long as this can lessen the profitability of the work.

Make sure you’re ready to start

So often bricklayers get a call from a builder telling them they’re good to start only to find that there’s no access for them, the bricks haven’t arrived, or site is affected by water. Always take the time to check out the site before you rock up first thing Monday morning. You’ll be able to tell immediately if you can really start or if there are some issues which need to be sorted out. This can save you a lot of time and means you can get on with a smaller job while any issues are worked out.

Take on smaller jobs

For a lot of bricklayers, it’s worthwhile having some smaller jobs on the backburner that you can get done if there are hold ups on larger jobs. For example, if you’re rained out on a big job then you might be able to do a smaller job indoors while you wait.

Count your bricks

It’s important to realistic about how many bricks you can get down in a day. You may have had one day where you laid 400 bricks in one day but this is likely to be exception rather than the rule. Count your bricks each day so you get a better idea of your average. This makes it easier for you to estimate how long a particular job with take.

Get to know your profits and loss

It’s not enough to complete a job and wait for the invoice to be paid. After each job, you should be working out how long it took you to complete the job to see if you made or lost money. If the job has taken too long and you’ve ended up losing many, see if there are any lessons for next time. Perhaps your quotes are too cheap or you weren’t putting in enough hours each day.

Protect yourself with insurance

One of the best ways to ensure you get the most from your jobs is to have the right insurance in place. Bricklayers need to be protected financially through a quality insurance package so you don’t need to use your own money if something goes wrong. No matter how much money you earn with a particular job, a claim for damages or stolen equipment could add up to many thousands of dollars and could see you seriously out of pocket. Speak to your insurance broker to make sure you have adequate protection through your insurance.
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