What are the Top Insurance Needs for Civil Celebrants, MC's and Performers?

What are the Top Insurance Needs for Civil Celebrants, MC's and Performers?

Civil celebrants, MC’s and performers all hold important roles at weddings and events. As someone working in one of these roles, it’s important that you are covered for anything can go wrong on the day that is part of your outlined responsibilities. We’re going to outline the top insurance matched for each of these three vital wedding roles.

Professional Indemnity for civil celebrants

Professional Indemnity Insurance will guard you against the financial burdens associated with a claim against any negligence on your part when it comes to the civil ceremony. If you make any breaches of confidence, omit information, or make an error associated with the proceedings you can be held legally obligated to pay for any loss to the couple.

As a marriage celebrant, or civil celebrant, on top performing a ceremony to the specifications of the couple, it is also part of your responsibility to ensure you provide the correct information, maintain confidentiality, take care of supporting documentation, perform due diligence on legal documentation and filing of the Notice of Intended Marriage, and ensure your couple understands the paperwork and legalities of the ceremony. If you are negligent, make mistakes, or omit information relating to these responsibilities you can face legal action which you’ll be out of pocket for if you don’t have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Insurance for MC’s

As a master of the ceremony (MC) at a wedding, you hold the important role of ensuring that the reception of the wedding runs to the couples wishes. You’re responsible for introductions, providing information to the guests about the venue, setting the tone for the evening, and also providing the cue for certain elements of the day or evening to commence. For these reasons, as a professional wedding and events MC, it’s wise to obtain Professional Indemnity in the case that you do not meet your obligations.

It’s also a great idea to obtain Public Liability Insurance in the case that your couple or the venue they are holding the wedding at asks for your Certificate of Insurance showing you’re covered in case you cause injury or damage to other people an/or property. For example if you bring a microphone stand that causes a hazard, you can get covered for the medical bills of persons that might trip over this.

Property Insurance for Performers

As a performer you might already be aware you need Public Liability Insurance, however it’s also important to take out a policy for the items you bring to the wedding or event you are performing at. Depending on if you’re a singer, a band, a DJ, or even a choir, you will need to protect your equipment such as microphones, instruments, recording equipment, devices, staging, decks and technology. These can be insured for accidental loss, theft, damage, and cover whilst in transit, so if anything goes wrong you’ll be able to replace your important equipment much faster and with less out of pocket expense than if you were not covered.

For any queries and for quotes on your MC’s, civil celebrants, or performers insurance in Australia, make sure you get cover for your main risks as a minimum. Contact us at Contract Cover on 1300GETCOVER today and we’ll help you put together an appropriate package that will help to protect you.