What Is The Most Important Insurance For Photographers And Videographers?

What Is The Most Important Insurance For Photographers And Videographers?

Working as a photographer or videographer means working in a variety of locations, with lots of expensive equipment, and around plenty of people. Due to the nature of a photographer and videographers work, there are many unique risks that come with the job, and much equipment at stake. Ensure your business is covered so you are not at a loss if or when disaster strikes.

What could possible go wrong?

1. Your equipment could be damaged, lost, or stolen
2. You could injure someone in the course of your work or damage their property
3. One of your employees is hurt or ill as a result of your business
4. You become ill or injured and can’t work for an extended amount of time

Of course if your equipment is stolen this can bring further issues. You may need to buy new equipment or hire equipment quickly in order to still meet your bookings and deadlines. Your stolen or damaged photo and video equipment may also have had images on them which are irreplaceable.

What insurance do you need first?

There are two types of insurance that are recommended to cover the biggest losses which photographers and videographers face. General Property Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.
General Property Insurance will help to protect your back pocket against the burden of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. It can help you replace it in case of an emergency and help to pay for hire also.

Public Liability Insurance is important to protect you from the claims that arise from third parties. If you trip someone over accidently because you are focusing on a shot and they are injured, they could claim damages against you in court. If this happens then you could be held liable to pay for medical treatment and court costs. The fees for these types of claims can range from very little up to the millions of dollars in severe cases, this is why it’s important to obtain Public Liability Insurance.

For illness and injury to yourself, obtaining Personal Accident and Injury Insurance can ensure you are paid a portion of your wage whilst you recover. And if you have employees, you’ll legally need to obtain Workers Compensation Insurance to cover them in case they are hurt or fall ill as a result of working for you.

Insurance for photographers and videographers

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