Earthmoving and Excavation Insurance

Simple, reliable insurance for earthmoving and excavating businesses

There are a number of forms of cover which may be applicable if you work as an earthmover and excavator and Contractor Cover can help you choose the best insurance package to suit your business needs.

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Public Liability Insurance for Earthmovers and Excavators

There is a high risk of damage being caused during your earthmoving and excavating work due to heavy machinery being used and risk of damaging surrounding property. To cover yourself for damage or injury caused while carrying out your work, it’s important to have Public Liability Insurance in place.

Excavation Business Public Liability Insurance Quote

General Property Cover

Earthmovers and excavators use heavy duty expensive equipment in their day to work and this needs to be protected through General Property Cover. General Property Cover means that your equipment and tools are covered if they’re lost or stolen.

Excavation Business Tool and Equipment Insurance Quote

Earthmovers and Excavators Professional Indemnity Insurance

Negligence claims are no longer reserved for doctors and if you give advice in your work as an earthmover and excavator, you could be open to being sued. Make sure your legal costs and any damages are covered by taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Excavation Business Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Personal Accident and Illness Cover for Earthmovers and Excavators

There are a lot of risks associated with your work as an earthmover and excavator, from overturning in your vehicle to landslips, and this can lead to serious injury. Personal Accident and Illness Cover means that you’ll still receive a portion of your income if you can’t work after injury or illness so you can minimise suffering financial hardship whilst your recover.

Tax Audit Cover

If you run your own earthmoving and excavating business, you should be aware that you could be hit with a tax audit at any time. To avoid being left with a huge bill after the audit has been completed, Tax Audit Cover will take care of the cost of hiring professionals such as accounts during the audit period.

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