Landscapers and Gardeners Insurance

Comprehensive insurance for landscapers and gardeners

As a landscaper or gardener, you spend your time looking after other people’s backyards but don’t forget to look after yourself as well with a quality and effective insurance package from Contractor Cover.

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Public Liability Insurance for Landscapers and Gardeners

Between broken reticulation, cracked pavers or temperamental plants, it can be easy for things to go wrong when you work as a landscaper or gardener which is why Public Liability Insurance is so important. It will protect you financially if you’re found liable for a claim after damage to property or person.

Landscape Gardening Business Public Liability Insurance Quote

General Property Cover for your business

General Property Cover will make sure all your tools and equipment used within your gardening or landscaping business are covered if they’re lost or stolen. When you take the time to add up how much all your gear would cost to replace, you might be surprised at how costly it becomes.

Landscape Gardening Business Tool and Equipment Insurance Quote

Landscaper and Gardeners Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance means you’re covered for any legal costs or damages that may arise if you’re sued for professional negligence after giving advice or services.

Landscape Gardening Business Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for your business

Tax audits are one of those things you avoid thinking about until they happen. In addition, latest news from the tax department indicates that audits are becoming more common - even amongst landscaping and gardening businesses. Tax Audit Cover ensures that the expense of hiring professional accountants or lawyers to complete the audit is covered.

Personal Accident and Illness for Landscapers and Gardeners

If you run your own landscaping or gardening business, the consequences of being unable to work can be financially devastating. To make sure you can continue to lead a normal lifestyle if you’re sick or injured, Personal Accident and Illness will ensure you continue to be paid a portion of your normal income.

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