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Painters and decorators require specialised insurance for their needs and Contractor Cover knows what it takes to give you the best cover, no matter what tasks you are performing within your job.

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Public Liability Insurance for painters and decorators

Public Liability Insurance is designed to cover you if you’re liable following damage to a person or property. This is an all too common hazard for painters and decorators and there is always the risk of paint damaging other items or people tripping on equipment.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for painters and decorators

If you offer advice to someone in your work as a painter or decorator and they believe you’ve been negligent, you could find yourself being sued. Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for businesses that offer advice or services to third parties.

Painters and decorators General Property Cover

As a painter and decorator, it’s tough to keep up with jobs if you find yourself in a situation where your equipment is lost or stolen. General Property Cover will cover the financial cost of having to replace items and means you won’t be out of pocket.

Painters and decorators Tax Audit Cover

Like any business, painters and decorators can be open to a tax audit at any time. A tax audit requires a lot of work to be carried out by your accountant and sometimes a lawyer will also need to be involved. This all adds up extra paid hours from your pocket. Tax Audit Cover will pay for the expenses it takes to complete an audit.

Painters and decorators’ Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

Painters and decorators are open to injury due to the risks involved with falling off ladders and other high surfaces, as well as a multitude of other job-related tasks. If you can’t work because you’re injured or sick, Personal Accident and Illness cover ensures you’re paid a portion of your income so you can keep up with financial obligations.

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  • Great priced insurance
  • All your insurances in a single purchase
  • Insurance for hundreds of Occupations

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