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Electrician's Public Liability Insurance

Electricians work in a high risk job and, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen! Protect yourself against damage to property or another person that has occurred as a result of your work by taking out Public Liability Insurance. Remember, often this type of insurance is mandatory for electricians before entry to site.

Electrician's Public Liability Insurance Quote

Electrician's Professional Indemnity Insurance

Cover yourself against claims for professional negligence due to service or advice you have provided. This is particularly important for electricians who offer advice, including electrical audits, on a regular basis. Professional Indemnity Insurance can cover you for the cost of defending a claim and any damages.

Electrician's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Electrician's Personal Accident and Illness Cover

A lot of electricians are self-employed and being unable to work can mean no income. If you can’t work due to injury or illness, Personal Accident and Illness Cover will cover a percentage of your normal wage until you’re able to return to work or the benefit period expires.

General Property Cover for Electricians

Electricians rely on their equipment and if something happens to your gear, it can make it almost impossible to do your job properly. General Property Cover will protect your tools and other equipment so you’re not out of pocket if they need to be replaced after being lost or stolen.

Electrician's Tool Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for Electricians

Tax audits are common and that last thing you need is an audit costing you money. Tax Audit Cover means that electricians will be covered for the professional fees, including accounting and legal, involved with a tax audit of your business.

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