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General Property Cover - for your equipment

Photographers and videographers transport their expensive photography and recording equipment to and from different locations and if this equipment is lost or stolen, it could be financially devastating, totally into thousands of dollars. To make sure you can replace your equipment quickly and without fuss, take out General Property Cover which will cover your costs.

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Personal Accident and Illness – for your peace of mind

Many photographers and videographers are self-employed and rely on consistent bookings throughout the year for their income, which means that being unable to meet bookings due to illness or injury can have serious financial implications. Personal Accident and Illness Cover takes the worry out as it means you’ll continue to receive part of your income if you can’t work due to injury or illness.

Public Liability Insurance – for covering damages

If someone trips over your equipment while you’re on the job or there are any other accidents, you could find yourself financially liable. To protect yourself, take out Pubic Liability Insurance which protects against damage to a person or property while you’re on the job.

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Professional Indemnity – for the unexpected

For photographers and videographers, Professional Indemnity Insurance is an important consideration as it will cover you if you become involved in a dispute with a client over advice or services that you’ve provided. This cover means that legal costs and damages are taken care of.

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Tax Audit Cover – for additional costs

As a photographer or videographer, your small business is liable to being subject to a tax audit and this can mean expenses associated with hiring an accountant or lawyer to complete the audit on your behalf. To make sure you’re not left with a bill after an audit, Tax Audit Cover will cover the expense of hiring a professional.

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