Roofers Insurance

Insurance for roofers – don’t leave yourself unprepared

Roofers provide a specialised service to their clients and in turn deserve specialised attention when it comes to insurance cover. Contractor Cover can help develop a tailored insurance package to suit your specific needs.

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  • Working at heights adds to the risk associated with roofers.
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Personal Accident and Illness for roofers

One of the most obvious risks that roofers face is being seriously injured after falling from a height and this could see you unable to work for a considerable amount of time. Taking out Personal Accident and Illness Cover means that you’ll continue to be paid a percentage of your income while you’re off work due to injury or illness.

Professional Indemnity for your peace of mind

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to cover legal costs and damages if you find yourself on the receiving end of a negligence claim. For roofers who regularly provide advice to clients, it’s important to consider this type of policy.

Roofer's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

General Property Cover for your roofing equipment

Not only does the loss or theft of your roofing gear mean you would struggle to meet job requirements, it would also be very expensive to replace. Make sure your equipment is covered with General Property Cover.

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Public Liability Insurance for damage

While working on a roof, it can be easy to accidentally cause damage which would be very expensive to fix. For example items falling down, or people tripping over items left on the ground. Protect yourself against the costs of damage and injuries that may occur while you’re at work by taking out Public Liability Insurance.

Roofer's Public Liability Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for professional expenses

Hiring professionals, like lawyers or accountants, to complete a tax audit on your behalf can be expensive but tax audits are becoming common practice for small businesses. Protect your roofing business from these extra expenses by taking out Tax Audit Cover.

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