Waterproofing Insurance

Straight forward insurance for your waterproofing business

Contractor Cover offers waterproofers hassle free insurance packages to ensure you’re covered financially if anything goes wrong. Make sure you’re prepared by having the best cover in place.

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General Property Cover for your equipment

Waterproofers use specialised equipment in their everyday work and you should always have General Property Cover in place to protect this equipment. This cover means that if your tools or equipment are lost or stolen, the financial cost of replacement will be taken care of.

Waterproofing Business Tool and Equipment Insurance Quote

Personal Accident and Illness for waterproofers

You can easily find yourself in a situation where you’re suddenly unable to work for a period of time due to injury or illness and for waterproofers who engage in physical work, you may have limited other employment options. Personal Accident and Illness Insurance ensures you receive a portion of your regular income so you can keep up with expenses whilst you recover.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for financial security

Waterproofers need to consider Professional Indemnity Insurance in the event that advice you provide is considered negligent, which leaves you open to being sued. This cover will pay for legal costs and damages if you’re subject to a negligent.

Waterproofing Business Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Public Liability Insurance for your business

If you inadvertently cause damage to property or another person during your work as a waterproofer, you could find yourself financially liable. To protect yourself against these costs, Public Liability Insurance is vital.

Waterproofing Business Public Liability Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for additional expenses

Tax Audit Cover provides protection against the professional fees you could face if you’re subject to a tax audit. This is an important consideration for your waterproofing business as small businesses are finding themselves subject to more regular audits.

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