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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Advertisers

For any professional who gives advice or provides a service, such as those in advertising, Professional Indemnity Insurance is a must as it protects you from claims if you’re considered to have been professionally negligent.

Advertiser's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Public Liability Insurance for Advertisers

With frequent meetings with clients, advertisers often have people in and out of their office. In the event that someone is injured on your premises, make sure you have Public Liability Insurance in place to cover the cost of any claims.

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Tax Audit Cover for Advertisers

Tax Audit Cover will cover the expenses associated with hiring professionals, such as accountants, to complete a tax audit on your behalf. Remember that audits are becoming more common and advertisers should consider this cover.

General Property Cover for Advertisers

Taking out General Property Cover means that items that you carry around with you on a day to day basis such as laptops, overhead projectors and mobile phone are covered if they’re lost or stolen. This saves the expense of having the replace these items yourself.

Advertiser's Property Insurance Quote

Personal Accident and Illness for advertisers

No matter how many deadlines you need to meet in your role as an advertiser, you could easily find yourself in a situation where you can’t work due to injury or illness. To ensure you can maintain your lifestyle, take out Personal Accident and Illness Cover so you’ll continue to receive a percentage of your income while you’re off work.

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