Air Conditioning and Heating Technician Insurance

Helping air conditioning and heating technicians with targeted insurance


Whether it’s helping people escape the heat or stay warm in the colder months, air conditioning and heating technicians provide an important service. To protect your business, Contractor Cover can help make sure you have the correct insurance in place.

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Cover your tools with General Property Insurance

General Property Insurance will make sure that the specific tools and equipment used by air conditioning and heating technicians are covered if they’re lost or stolen. This means minimal disruption and financial strain if the unexpected happens.

AC and Heating Installers Tool Insurance Quote

Protect against damage with Public Liability Insurance

When you’re installing or fixing air conditioning and heating units, it can be easy for accidental damage to occur from damaging a wall while carrying equipment to someone tripping over your gear. Public Liability Insurance ensures that you’re covered for damage caused while you carry out your work.

AC and Heating Installers Public Liability Insurance Quote

Peace of mind with Professional Indemnity Insurance

Air conditioning and heating technicians offer advice and services on a regular basis and unfortunately this can lead to you being sued if you’re considered professionally negligent. Make sure you have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place to cover the costs of legal bills or damages.

AC and Heating Installers Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for audit expenses

If you run an air conditioning and heating business, you’re open to a tax audit at any time and it can be expensive to hire an accountant or lawyer to complete your audit. Make sure your expenses are covered with Tax Audit Cover.

Personal Accident and Illness for injury or illness

If you can’t work as an air conditioning and heating technician due to injury or illness, Personal Accident and Illness Cover means you will be paid a portion of your regular income so you can keep up with expenses.

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