Antenna Installers Insurance

Make sure you’re covered - easy insurance for antenna installers

To ensure you have the best possible cover for your work as an antenna installer, Contractor Cover provides professional and reliable service to help you find an insurance package for your needs.

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Personal Accident and Illness for antenna installers

A lot of the work for antenna installers happens on the roof and with electricity which means you’re at high risk of injury. If you’re unable to work due to injury or illness, you may struggle to keep up financially which is why Personal Accident and Illness cover is important as it can provide a regular portion of your income while you’re off work.

Tax Audit Cover for your antenna installation business

Tax audits may not be something you’ve considered as part of your antenna installation business but they are increasingly common for small businesses. To save yourself having to deal with the cost of hiring an accountant or lawyer to complete the audit, take out Tax Audit Cover.

General Property Cover for your specialised equipment

General Property Cover means you’re covered financially if your tools are lost or stolen. This is particularly important for antenna installers as your equipment can be expensive to replace.

Antenna Installers Tool Insurance Quote

Public Liability Insurance for your business

As an antenna installer, you need to make sure you’re covered for any damage you cause during jobs and it’s very easy to cause damage to a client’s roof in your day to day work. Public Liability Insurance means you’re covered for damage you cause in a work capacity.

Antenna Installers Public Liability Insurance Quote

Professional Indemnity Insurance for financial peace of mind

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a negligence claim for advice or services you’ve provided as an antenna installer, Professional Indemnity Insurance will ensure you’re legal costs and any damages are paid for by the insurer.

Antenna Installers Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

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