Architects and Draftsmen Insurance

Creating insurance packages for architects and draftsmen

Contractor Cover is aware of the specific needs of architects and draftsmen and can help you with an insurance package specific to your needs.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for architects and draftsmen

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect against claims that allege you’ve breached your professional duties. This type of cover is vital for architects and draftsmen given you provide professional advice as a major part of your job and are therefore open to negligence claims.

Architects and Draftsman's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Personal Accident and Illness for architects and draftsmen

If you’re used to a steady income as an architect or draftsman, it can be a shock to the system if you find yourself unable to work. To make sure you still receive a portion of your income if you can’t work due to injury or illness, consider Personal Accident and Illness Cover.

General Property Cover for architects and draftsmen

If your portable equipment, such as electronic devices, are lost or stolen, they can be very expensive to replace. General Property Cover ensures that the portable items you carry with you in your work as an architect or draftsman are covered.

Architects and Draftsmen's General Property Insurance Quote

Public Liability Insurance for architects and draftsmen

When you have clients frequenting your office or even if you work from home, Public Liability Insurance is essential to cover yourself from any damage that occurs to a person or property. If you’re found liable following an injury or any other damage, it could be very costly and Public Liability Insurance will cover these expenses.

Architects and Draftsmen's Public Liability Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover

Tax Audit Cover will cover the expense of you hiring a professional, such as a lawyer or accountant, to complete the audit on your behalf. Rather than being left with additional bills following an audit, architects and draftsmen should consider this cover.

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