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May 12, 2020

If you provide roofing specialised services, you know that your profession involves higher risks than a lot of other occupations. When you work on a roof, there is a chance of accidental damage to someone else’s property or equipment; in some circumstance’s injuries to a third party also may happen. As a roofer, you can protect yourself and your assets from substantial
financial loss. For example, if an item or a piece of equipment falls on the job and causes damage, you may be liable for all the repairing costs. If there is a cord left on the ground that
hasn’t been appropriately secured and someone trips over it, and it leads to an injury, as a contractor responsible for the work area you may face financial charges for hospital fees and
rehabilitation time. As a roofer, you can protect yourself and your business in case of such an incident by obtaining a Public Liability Insurance.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most common types of covers for Australian businesses and contractors. Even skilled professionals may find themselves in the middle of an incident, where they may be found responsible for any damages of someone else’s equipment, property, or any injuries that occur due to their professional activities in a workplace. Luckily, Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect your assets in a scenario
when an unexpected accident happens. With Public Liability Insurance, your insurer will provide financial help at an affordable rate.

Public Liability Insurance protects contractors, such as roofers, against payable costs correlating to damages to third-party property, equipment or an injury caused to a third party while carrying out their daily tasks in a workplace. These costs can start at a few hundred dollars for minor claims and go all the way up to millions of dollars in extreme cases. A contractor covered by Public Liability Insurance has a peace of mind knowing they don’t have to decrease their assets by paying out from their savings. Having Public Liability Insurance means that the insurer will take care of the financial payout of the claim against the contractor provided it is within the policy limits.

At Contractor Cover, insurance brokers can discuss different packages available to you. As a roofer, you may need to take into consideration various risks and figure out what level of
cover will best suit your business. The Contractor Cover experts can look at your circumstances and recommend what cover will best suit your needs. It is crucial to remember that Public Liability Insurance only covers third parties, people or property. To cover yourself and your property in case of an incident, take a look at personal Accident and Injury Insurance. If you need to obtain a cover for your equipment and general property, equipment Cover might be right for you.

Get a quote

At Contractor Cover, we use a fast and reliable quoting system. If you are a roofer and looking at getting Public Liability Insurance obtaining a quote is one of the easiest ways you
can arrange your cover. You can fill out an online form or call 1300 GETCOVER (1300 438 268) and speak to our Contractor Cover experts.

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