Which 3 Types Of Insurance Cover Are Essential For Personal Trainers?

Which 3 Types Of Insurance Cover Are Essential For Personal Trainers?

Personal trainers need to make sure they are covered with the right types of insurance for their businesses. Whether you work as an individual mobile person trainer, rent space in someone else’s gym, attend your clients’ work place, or even if you run a gym yourself and have personal trainers working for you, there are many risks which can leave you exposed. Here we’ll go through some of the important types of insurance for personal trainers.

Public Liability for personal trainers

With training clients comes the risk that they may injure themselves whilst you’re working with them. If a third party such as a client, a visitor, cleaner, or even maintenance person comes to your gym and is injured or damages their property as a result of this, then you could be held liable for the damage or recovery costs. For example, a client might trip over a machine and break an arm, if you own this gym, you could be held liable for the medical bills, tests, or loss of income until they are fit to work again.
If you’re working independently, for example at an outdoor park, and your client injures themselves, you can also be held liable for the costs to the client for this injury.

Income protection for personal trainers

As a personal trainer, it’s likely that you don’t get sick leave or annual leave when things go wrong for you. If you fall ill, are injured, or can’t work for any reason, there is often no back-up from an employer if you’re running your own business to make sure you’re still getting an income. By allocating Income Protection Insurance for this reason, you’ll ensure you can still keep up with your regular payments for rent, mortgage, utilities, or groceries as normally as possible until you’re fit to work again. You’ll simply get paid a regular amount (up to 80% of your income) until your policy expires or until you go back to work.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for personal trainers

Under your instruction your clients will be performing exercises and potentially following nutrition programs set out by yourself. Professional Indemnity Insurance for personal trainers ensures that if the advice you give to your clients results in injury or illness, that you are covered to pay for medical costs or loss to them. This is important for personal trainers, as you will be giving advice daily to your clients about their training programs and take-home instructions.

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