Cladding and Metal Wall Installers Insurance

Hassle free insurance for cladding and metal wall installers

If you’re a cladding or metal wall installer, you no doubt work hard for your money and the last thing you need is for the unexpected to lead to financial problems. Contractor Cover takes the worry out for you by putting a targeted insurance package in place to protect you.

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Public Liability Insurance to cover your business

Even the most careful cladding and metal wall installer is open to causing damage while on the job which is why Public Liability Insurance is vital. It will cover you for any damage done to property or another person.

Cladding and Metal Wall Installer's Public Liability Insurance Quote

Personal Accident and Illness to cover yourself

The labour intensive nature of cladding and metal wall work means that you’re much more open to injury and this is where Personal Accident and Illness Cover comes in as it means you’re paid a portion of your income if you can’t work because of accident or illness.

Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover professional advice and services

Even with the best intentions, giving advice in your capacity as a cladding and metal wall installer leaves you open to negligence claims which can be very costly. To make sure legal costs or damages are taken care of, cover yourself with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Cladding and Metal Wall Installer's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

General Property to cover materials

General Property Cover means that cladding and mental wall installers don’t need to worry about the financial cost of replacements if your gear is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Cladding and Metal Wall Installer's Tool and Equipment Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover to cover unexpected expenses

Tax audit is something not many people consider but they are becoming very common for small businesses, including cladding and metal wall installers. Make sure you don’t have to cover the expense of hiring an accountant to complete the audit by taking out Tax Audit Cover.

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