Concreters Insurance

Concreter insurance cover for your peace of mind

Concreters do a range of jobs from slabs and steps to retaining walls and driveways. As a concreter, you’re always in demand for a variety of jobs! Contractor Cover can help your concreting business with reliable insurance so you don’t need to worry about the unexpected whatever job you are working on.

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General Property Cover for Concreters

Take a moment to consider how expensive it would be to replace your concreting equipment if it was lost or stolen. Taking out General Property Cover means that you’re covered financially if this happens.

Concreter's Tool and Equipment Insurance Quote

Public Liability Insurance for Concreters

From someone tripping over your equipment to you damaging paving with spilled concrete, damage can easily happen for concreters. Public Liability Insurance will cover you if you’re found responsible for damage that has occurred as a result of your actions at work.

Concreter's Public Liability Insurance Quote

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Concreters

When you offer advice to clients in your everyday concreting work, you leave yourself open to being sued if your advice is considered negligent. Make sure the costs involved with this process are covered by taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Concreter's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for Concreters

Your concreter small business isn’t immune to the increasingly frequent tax audits which are being carried out by the Tax Department. Tax Audit Cover ensures that you aren’t left with the expense of hiring professionals to complete the tax audit on your behalf.

Personal Accident and Illness Cover for Concreters

Concreters work in an area where there is a much higher risk of injury than other jobs and the last thing you need is to be off work with no income. Personal Accident and Illness Cover means you’ll continue to receive a percentage of your income if you can’t work due to injury or illness.

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