Curtain and Blind Installers Insurance

Tailored insurance packages for curtain and blind installers

Just like curtain and blind installers provide custom made products for their clients, Contractor Cover provides custom insurance packages to suit your specific needs.

  • Block out insurance coverage with excellent protections in place
  • Australia wide coverage
  • Get all your business insurances in a single policy
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Curtain and blind installer Public Liability Insurance

Although you would take the utmost care as a curtain and blind installer, it can be all too easy to damage a wall or your surroundings, including injury to other people, when removing an old blind or putting up new curtains. Public Liability Insurance will cover you if you’re found liable for any damage to a person or property which has taken place due to your actions on the job.

Curtain and Blind Installer's Public Liability Insurance Quote

Curtain and blind installer Personal Accident and Illness

Working as a curtain and blind installer can be very physical with you constantly being required to be on the go, along with the added risk of working from heights. With such a hands-on job, injury or illness could mean you’re not able to work for some time. Personal Accident and Illness Insurance means that you’re paid a portion of your regular income if you’re unable to work.

Curtain and blind installer General Property Cover

If the tools you use for installing curtains and blinds were lost or stolen, imagine not only the inconvenience but also the expense of having to replace them. General Property Cover means you don’t need to worry about the damage or loss of essential business equipment.

Curtain and Blind Installer's Tool Insurance Quote

Curtain and blind installer Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is something to consider if you give advice as part of your job as a curtain and blind installer. If the advice you give is deemed negligent and you’re sued, this policy will cover legal costs and damages.

Curtain and Blind Installer's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Curtain and blind installer Tax Audit Cover

Tax Audit Cover will cover the expense of hiring a professional accountant or lawyer to complete an audit on your behalf.

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