Fencers Insurance

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You work hard as a fencer and deserve to have insurance that works just as hard as you. Contractor Cover will help you find a specialised insurance package to suit your business needs and make sure you’re covered.

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Fencers Public Liability Insurance

Damage can easily happen when you work as a fencer, no matter how careful you are, whether it’s damaging a garden removing a fence or bulky materials causing dents and scratches. Public Liability Insurance means you’re covered financially from the cost of a claim if you’re found liable for damage in connection with your work.

Fencer's Public Liability Insurance Quote

Fencers Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance means that if you’re unable to work in your normal job as a fencer due to injury or illness, you’ll still receive a portion of your income so you can support yourself and your family. This is important in a high risk job such as fencing.

Fencers General Property Cover

If you consider how many tools and other specialised equipment you use as a fencer, you’ll realise how expensive it would be to replace. General Property Cover will cover the costs if your tools are lost, damaged, or stolen.

Fencer's Tool and Equipment Insurance Quote

Fencers Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover you against the financial cost of a negligence claim caused by advice that you’ve provided. Fencers regularly give clients advice as part of their work and need to consider this cover.

Fencer's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Fencers Tax Audit Cover

Tax Audit Cover will pay for the expenses of hiring professionals, like lawyers and accountants, to complete a tax audit. This means your fencing business won’t be hit with unexpected costs when it comes to an audit.

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