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Equipment Cover – Covering Tools and General Property

Most of us rely on some kind of equipment or tools to help us perform our every day jobs. It might be specific tools for trade oriented jobs such as plastering or roofing, or your equipment might be technology related for your job in an office environment. From mobile phones and lap tops to ladders and drills – Contractor Cover can insure it all.

How does Equipment Cover work?

Taking out Equipment Cover for your tools and general property means that the items you carry around with you on a day to day basis are covered if they are damaged, lost, or stolen. This saves you the expense and worry of having to bear the costs of replacing them yourself.
By speaking to one of our Contractor Cover insurance experts we can look at your equipment and tools of the trade to find you the best policy to suit your needs and your budget.

Who needs Equipment Cover?

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If you have items you rely on to complete your job, it is important to ensure that you are able to get back to work as quickly as possible should they be lost, stolen, or damaged. Tools, equipment and general property can be extremely expensive to replace, especially if you have many items and they have been collected over a long period of time, or are very specific to your job.

You could not only lose out on the costs of replacing your tools if they are damaged or stolen, but also lose valuable business if you cannot perform your work as necessary. And being a small to medium business, you know how important your work is to you and how quickly a financial situation can change.

So ensure that you can confidently attend your jobs and commitments by engaging Equipment Cover to protect your savings and back pocket.

How much will Equipment Cover cost me?

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How much your Equipment Cover will cost you is entirely up to how much equipment you have to insure and what it will be insured for. You can typically get policies for theft from a secured location, for fire and water damage, and for vehicle collisions causing damage. Additional extras include theft from unsecured locations such as work sites or unlocked vehicles.

Contractor Cover can help you chose the right policy to cover your tools and general property so that you are covered for as many scenarios as possible at a price that is affordable to you.

Where can you get a quote?

The Contractor Cover quoting system is one of the fastest ways contractors can get a quote and arrange their Equipment Insurance. We also offer professional services and advice for contractors working with very unique or technical equipment. It doesn’t matter what type of contractor you are, Contractor Cover can help you find the best Equipment Insurance policy for your needs. To organise a quote just fill out our quick online form or give our office a call on 1300 GETCOVER to speak to our Contractor Cover real-life team.