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Contractor Cover understands the specific business needs of glaziers and can create a tailored insurance package to make sure you’re fully prepared for the unexpected.

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Public Liability Insurance for Glaziers

There are a number of risks involved with being a glazier, from cuts from broken glass to damage to property during the installation process. To ensure you’re covered for any damage caused to a person or property, it’s important to have Public Liability Insurance in place.

Glazier's Public Liability Insurance Quote

General Property Cover for Glaziers

The loss or theft of your glazier’s equipment could add up to huge expense when it comes to replacement which is why General Property Cover is vital. It will help cover the replacement of your equipment and tools if they’re lost, damaged, or stolen.

Glazier's Equipment Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for Glaziers

Although it may not be something you’ve considered for your glazier business, if you’re subject to a tax audit you could find yourself having to pay considerable costs to pay a professional accountant to complete the audit for you. To avoid this, have Tax Audit Cover in place which will cover these expenses.

Personal Accident and Illness Cover for Glaziers

Injuries can happen easily if you work as a glazier because you work with such breakable materials and a bad cut could see you off work for some time. For peace of mind, Personal Accident and Illness Cover will ensure that you still receive an income while you’re off work due to injury or illness.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Glaziers

For glaziers who give advice as part of their day to day work, Professional Indemnity Insurance is worth considering as it will cover legal costs and damages if you’re subject to a negligence claim.

Glazier's Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

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