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IT Consultant Personal Accident and Illness

Personal Accident and Illness Cover is an important consideration for IT consultants as sudden injury or illness could see you unable to work and earn an income. This policy means you’ll continue to be paid a percentage of your regular income while you’re off work so you can keep up with expenses.

General Property Cover for your equipment

For IT consultants who rely on expensive technology such as a laptops and mobile phones in their everyday work, if this equipment is lost or stolen it could be very difficult financially to replace. General Property Cover means you’re covered if your equipment is lost or stolen.

Computer tech/ IT Support Business Property and Equipment Insurance Quote

Public Liability Insurance for IT Consultants

If you’re working as an IT consultant in an office where people are constantly coming and going, Public Liability Insurance is a must. If a visitor to the office trips on a power cord and injures themselves, you are likely to find yourself financially liable and Public Liability Insurance will cover you for these types of incidents.

Computer tech/ IT Support Business Public Liability Insurance Quote

Professional Indemnity Insurance for peace of mind

People rely on your expertise as an IT consultant and you probably don’t hesitate to give out advice. However, if the advice or services you provide is deemed professionally negligent, you risk being sued. Professional Indemnity Insurance means you’re covered for legal costs and damages if this occurs.

Computer tech/ IT Support Business Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for your business

If your IT business is subject to a tax audit, it can be costly to hire an accountant or lawyer to complete the audit for you. Tax Audit Cover will cover these expenses for you.

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