Occupational Therapists Insurance

Convenient and reliable insurance for occupational therapists

Occupational therapists work in a specialised field and need specific insurance to suit their needs. Contractor Cover can help you find an appropriate insurance package which ensures you’re covered.

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General Property Cover for Occupational Therapists

As an occupational therapist, you carry with you specialised equipment and are often required to bring this along when visiting clients. This can be expensive to replace which is why General Property Cover is important as it will cover your equipment if it’s lost, damaged, or stolen.

Public Liability Insurance for Occupational Therapists

Public Liability Insurance will cover your occupational therapy business against claims for injuries to a person or damages to property. No matter how careful you are accidents such as someone tripping or you breaking something when visiting a client are common which is why it’s important to be covered.

Occupational Therapist Public Liability Insurance Quote

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Occupational Therapists

Public Liability Insurance is essential for occupational therapists as it covered legal costs and damages if you’re sued by a third party for breaches of your professional duty which resulted in a loss. This gives you financial peace of mind in the event of an unexpected claim.

Occupational Therapist Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Personal Accident and Illness for Occupational Therapists

If you’re unable to engage in your normal work as an occupational therapist due to injury or illness, you could quickly find yourself struggling to keep up with everyday expenses. Personal Accident and Illness Insurance will provide you with a percentage of your normal income if you’re unable to work following an accident or illness.

Tax Audit Cover for Occupational Therapists

A tax audit for your occupational therapy business can be costly due to the expense involved in hiring an accountant to complete the audit. To cover these additional unexpected costs, Tax Audit Cover is an important consideration.

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