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Contractor Cover offers hassle free insurance packages to personal trainers to make sure you’re always covered.

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Covering yourself with Personal Accident and Illness

As a personal trainer, your own health and wellness is an important part of your job. So what happens if you find yourself suddenly unable to work? Personal Accident and Illness Cover means that you’ll continue to receive a portion of your income if you can’t work due to injury or illness so you can meet your financial obligations.

Covering injuries with Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is vital for personal trainers due to the risk of injury to clients or other people. If you hire your own space or even do group training in the park, there is the potential for your clients to cause themselves serious injury or damage with or without equipment. Public Liability Insurance can cover the costs of damages if you’re found liable.

Personal Trainers' Public Liability Insurance Quote

Covering your equipment with General Property Cover

General Property Cover is essential for personal trainers as not only do you carry around electronic equipment to organise your day, many personal trainers also offer a mobile service and travel with expensive fitness equipment. General Property Cover means you’re covered if your equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Personal Trainers' Equipment Insurance Quote

Covering yourself with Professional Indemnity Insurance

For personal trainers, Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you from claims that your professional advice or services have been negligent in some way and caused a loss. It will cover that legal costs and damages that arise from these claims.

Personal Trainers' Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Covering additional expenses with Tax Audit Cover

Tax Audit Cover for personal trainers means that if you find yourself hit with a tax audit, the cost of hiring a professional to complete the audit for you is covered.
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