Physiotherapists Insurance

Professional insurance for physiotherapists

Contractor Cover understands the specific needs of physiotherapists and provides insurance packages to target the areas where you need cover.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Physiotherapists

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect physiotherapists from the legal costs and damages that are associated with a breach of professional duty. In Australia, it’s compulsory for physiotherapists to have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place.

Physio Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

General Property Cover for your portable items

General Property Cover will cover the cost of the portable items physiotherapists travel with on a day to day basis if these items are lost or stolen. This can include electronic equipment, such as laptops, and specialised equipment you use to treat patients.

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Public Liability Insurance for protection against damages

Public Liability Insurance is important for physiotherapists as it covers the cost of claims for damages to property or injury to a person. This can include simple accidents such as a client slipping or tripping when they come into your office.

Physio Public Liability Insurance Quote

Tax Audit Cover for audit expenses

Your physiotherapy business isn’t immune to the regular tax audits that are carried out on small businesses and this can be a costly exercise once you’ve hired an accountant to complete the audit on your behalf. Tax Audit Cover will cover the costs of hiring a professional during the audit process.

Personal Accident and Illness for financial security

If you’re used to a regular income as a physiotherapist, it can be a financial shock if you’re suddenly unable to work. Personal Accident and Illness Cover means that you’ll still receive a portion of your income if injury or illness prevents you from working so you can keep up with expenses.

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