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Keeping it simple – Insurance for real estate agents and landlords

Contractor Cover provides straight forwards and reliable insurance for real estate agents and landlords.

  • Insurance especially for Australian real estate agents and landlords
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Keeping you covered with Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance covers you for damages to a person or property if you’re found liable after a claim. For real estate agents who have clients visit their office or landlords who have third parties visiting their properties, this cover is important as it means you’re covered if any injuries occur.

Real Estate Agents and Landlords Public Liability Insurance Quote

Covering the costs with Professional Indemnity

For individuals who provide professional advice and services on a regular basis, like real estate agents, Professional Indemnity Insurance is essential because it covers the legal costs and damages if you find yourself subject to a negligence claim.

Real Estate Agents and Landlords Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Preparing for the unexpected Tax Audit Cover

To save you the expense of the inevitable accountant costs that come of a tax audit, real estate agents and landlords are able to take out Tax Audit Cover which will cover these expenses. This means you’re prepared for unexpected costs.

Protecting your portables with General Property Cover

For real estate agents and landlords, General Property Cover is an important consideration as it covers the portable items you have with you on a day to day basis. Technology such as laptops can be very expensive to replace and General Property Cover will cover the costs if these items are lost or stolen.

Real Estate Agents and Landlords General Property Insurance Quote

Peace of mind with Personal Accident and Illness

Personal Accident and Illness Cover is an important consideration for real estate agents as it means that you’ll still be paid some of your normal income if you’re unable to work because of injury or illness. This means you have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to keep up with your expenses.

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